Singles That Made My Week

Written by Lailah Berry

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Honestly every single line in that song was relatable. “Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?” When she said that my heart was literally in a sling. I’ve experienced those same emotions when someone has tried to come back into my life- knowing damn well they’re up to no good. Such a vulnerable track for a vulnerable soul like SZA. But right now I’m here to talk about the local artists of Kent:

“Down” by Myles

The track “Down” by Myles opens up with mellow vocals from Brandy and I start to like it. Because I love 90’s music, anything with a old school sample makes me happy. I continue to listen and I hear a story being told- by none other than Myles. I was taken aback because I usually hear trap tunes from him but was so glad to see this more calmer side. It takes us back to a time when he had a supportive ‘ ride or die’ type shorty on his hip. Makes us all reminisce on loves that had our best interests at heart. As brandy croons in the background I can’t help but feel like this could be on a movie’s soundtrack, very classic sound. Myles goes on to take us on a trip with the homies- and how he held his friends down- he talks about how some of them turned on him. We’ve all been in a position where we realize some people around us don’t mean well, and he characterizes that feeling perfectly in this verse. Here’s another one of the trap artists’s hard hitting singles- ‘Trap Back’

“huh?” by StrokeSomeGenius

Unlike anything I’ve ever heard, The Artist Formerly Known As StrokeSomeGenius has a single I have on repeat whenever I study. granted it’s old and was released almost a year ago, I’m just now finding it and I hate myself for being so late on this bursting talent! StrokeSomeGenius is an artist based out of Pittsburg and has a sound that is unparalleled and highly underrated. The underdog of underground, StrokeSomeGenius gives us OFWGKTA vibes with their song “huh?”. The 11 minute master piece is a mix of ambient beats, and a deep warped voice that spills their soul on the mic. I love to keep this on repeat while I study because it helps me relax, and I can listen to music with substance while I learn!!! Nerd Goals! Add them on twitter @TheWorstHokage

See their chill song “huh?” here: Huh?

“Jungle Juice” by Tokyo Trav ft. Kirk Stillz

So let’s just pray we’re all over the age before we start this next single dissection! Jungle Juice by Tokyo Trav ft. Kirk Stillz is a great track to pregame to. I could see myself doing my makeup to this getting ready for a party (if I ever went to those). The song has a slow- motion Travis Scott in Kelly Price kind of vibe. I think that the beat’s transition is a refreshing technique, how it goes from heavy base to slow- paced snare ticks is trippy and emulates the effects jungle juice will have on you! Definitely a college anthem, I like everything about it. The back and forth rapping between Tokyo Trav and Kirk Stillz, and the ad libs in the background. Killing every line, Tokyo Trav could own the summer with some more bangers like this.


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